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This hero seriously needs a nerf. He has movement speed, free wards, aoe damage, stun and potential to wipe an entire team with ultimate. I'm sick and tired of this hero constantly being picked and banned in inhouses and tournaments because he's so op. Can we nerf/remove this hero already? Have you seen his late game mobility? I mean he is almost half the speed of a grunty with shinobi and Yamato active and wow he can almost catch DARPA with three jumps. flob this shap hero.

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Not sure what you actually mean in this post but his Grenade attack scaling is a bit high, extra 25% int in an aoe on attack is pretty good.


Get 400 int, get yamato to break weapspeed cap. Add in other spell damage modifiers. Doing 150 spell damage in an aoe almost 3 times a second from 6.5 range.


Since this is a troll post i am not going to say if he is op or not but his grenade damage is something to think about.

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Yes I forgot his damage output late game with Yamato is almost equivalent to an aa carry.


Almost equivalent, HA. Doing some testing and with Yamato on he does so much damage, more than the lower dps, aa carries like toxi axiom, nova.


Excluding his aoe he still has more dps than toxi lol

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