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Lets talk about Phantom menace.


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It's a conceptually broken and inelegant item. I have no idea how it made it into the game honestly. It's not just about it being OP, it's just stupid IMO. Like Hero Attack X stupid or Boros R stupid (which is surprisingly still in the game).


If you really wanted to keep it thematic, remove the cloak unique and simply make it so that Phantom heroes disappear from the minimap when attacked or when they are X units away from the nearest enemy/heroic unit. At least a unique like this is manageable for the enemy while still being useful lategame.

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Well after 2 days of playing, it's become very obvious how strong Phantom menace has become. Basically all hero's can include this item in their build it is viable on casters, tanks, AAcarrys basically a very good item on anything, it's by far the strongest item in the game right now.

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