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[Database] VoidBearer.Kuradel


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Name: VoidBearer.Kuradel

Type: - Caster Carry


Starting Stats:

Starting Health 448

Movement Speed – 3.44

Attack Range – 5.5

Attack Speed – 1.9

Starting Damage – 49

Base Armor.Resist – 10.6%

Base Spell Armor/Resist – 21.7%

Strength – 26 + [4]

Agility – 24 + [4]

Intelligence – 40` + [7]***




Heroic Passive [End of Times]


"Killing an enemy unit permanently grants Kuradel (+1 Int). This effect is capped at (+120 Int).


Press [V] to show the current amount of Int gained by this passive"




[Q] - Void Pulse


"After a .75 second delay, deals 50/80/110/140(+32^(1.05)%Int) spell dmg in a 1.5 unit area. If only one unit is hit it will take 1.5 times the amount of dmg."


Energy Cost: - 45/50/55/60

Cooldown: - 6/5/4/3 seconds

Range: 8.5




[W] - Dark Propagation


"Sends out a slow line of explosions in the target direction dealing 70/120/170/220(+40%Int) spell dmg to enemies hit and slowing their movement speed by 40% for 2 seconds. Deals half dmg to non-heroic units."


Energy Cost: - 110/135/160/185

Cooldown: - 18/17/16/15 seconds

Range: - 10





[E] - Deathly Harvest


"Enemies hit by Kuradel's abilities take (+4/5/6/7% Targets Missing Health) bonus spell dmg. Dmg done by this passive heals Kuradel for 100% of the dmg dealt."


Energy Cost: - passive

Cooldown: - passive

Range: - Self




[R] - Chaos Rift


"Click a target location and flick in the desired direction. Deals 125/200/275(+80%Int) spell dmg in an 8 unit long line and stuns enemies hit for 1 second."


Energy Cost: 150/200/250

Cooldown: 120/110/100 seconds

Range: 6

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