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[Database] Doctor.Geneva


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Name: Doctor.Geneva

Type: - Support


Starting Stats:

Starting Health 539

Movement Speed – 3.34

Attack Range – 5.5

Attack Speed – 1.85

Starting Damage – 66

Base Armor.Resist – 10.6%

Base Spell Armor/Resist – 21.7%

Strength – 28 + [5]

Agility – 24 + [3]

Intelligence – 38` + [7]***




Heroic Passive [Feelin Good]


"Allies targeted by or in the area of Geneva's abilities gain 15% movement speed for 2 seconds."




[Q] - Surgical Strike


"Geneva channels for up to 7 seconds healing an ally. Heals for 60/90/120/150(+30%Int) health initially, and then 20/30/40/50(+10%Int) health each second the channel remains.


While Empowered, heals for an additional (12.5% Targets missing health) Health per second and grants the target debuff immunity."


Energy Cost: - 120/130/140/150

Cooldown: - 26/23/20/17 seconds

Range: 7ish




[W] - Optic Flare


"Geneva fires an Optic Flare at a target 3 unit area location dealing 60/90/120/150(+8% Targets Current Health)(+50%Int) spell dmg. Enemies hit are slowed by 40% and lose vision for 2 seconds.


While Empowered the size, range, slow, and dmg are increased by 1.5x"


Energy Cost: - 60/70/80/90

Cooldown: - 20/18/16/14 seconds

Range: - 7ish





[E] - Feedback Armor


"After .4 seconds cast time geneva fires an 3 unit wide energy blast in a target direction. Allies in the area are shielded for 100/150/200/250(+50%Int) for 5 seconds. Enemies hit are pushed back and take 50/75/100/120(+25%Int) spell dmg. Pushed enemies that collide with terrain are stunned for 1.75 seconds and take double dmg.


While Empowered, the width of this effect is doubled"


Energy Cost: - 80/100/120/140

Cooldown: - 24/22/20/18 seconds

Range: - 9




[R] - Hadron Capacitor


"Geneva Empowers her next ability within 6 seconds, vastly increasing its effectiveness."


Energy Cost: 75

Cooldown: 80/70/60 seconds

Range: Self

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