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Bio balance discussion


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Okay as we know bio got his minions buffed to have 50% aoe ressist, however I still feel like his minions early-mid game die way too fast, and late game I dont think its even that big of a threat to acctualy kill anybody so fast, without dieing in 3 seconds(and dont forget, then his minions will deal less dmg). And when we think like when he does most of the dmg, answer is from E and Q. Other and biggest problems is predator/explosive, and when you ult you basicly help enemy team. Best thig he does atm is splitpush and nothing else, and I must say even that can be dealt with if you pickk right heroes through all game. Thers lot of things I was thinking about, but some of them may require nerf in some other area(I wont be rly giving any exact numbers just ideas):


1)Remove dmg penality for minions when they get out of certain range and increse hp from 10×lvl to 12×lvl


2)Oposite from 1st, dont remove dmg penality, but increse dmg by decent amount when you are close, and also buff hp same as in 1)


3)Reduce effectivnes from explosive on minions if this is possible(make it so they dont die that fast, and leech atm is a complete BS, basicy helps enemy carry, so u should nerf that a lot)


4)When you ult someone, and when they get hit by minions, if they move they die(while minions are attacking the target). Remove int scalings on q and e and make them scale on str/hp


5)Increse slow from minions from 5% to like 10%(but mb make it like scale with levels)


6)Make bio able to ult towers


7)Increse ressist stolen from ult by 10% on all levels or so


Thoughts/suggestions appreciated





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No, I mean you insta die :D

About bio ulting towers, he would definitely need nerf in some other area, such as minions tankines/dmg, I dont think it would be so broken, even tho I dont like this cange myself that much, it would basicly make him only splitpusher. What I'd like to see are 2) or 3) tbh

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Well here's a question regarding bio. How do you play against it when he pops up on you, ults and Qs you and sends you running to shop with 20% hp as every time you come into lane. And then he just heals health and mana back instantly. If you have enough aoe you can ignore his ult, if you don't, you have to run or die.

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he is in an odd position, he almost needs to be kept a little weak so he doesn't break lane phase for reasons atom stated. we have all seen what strong bio can do. Crush lane, takes bosses, snipe squishies, never die. After all the nerfs to keep his strong lane phase down all he has is a pretty strong lane phase with poor team fight power and is useless against or even heals certain heroes with aoe leech.


I actually won vs bio with corona whom bio should crush because i would heal to full hp with the spell leech i rushed. He combos me taking me down to 5-10% hp, i cast ult and gain it all back it a fraction of a second. AOE lifesteal is fun


Back when bio was strong we put a dual lane against him (heroes who could cc and zone him out) and let our carry get free farm and won most games vs bio while people were crying op


with his current design i am not sure if you can make him an abusive laner that doesn't just make the lane un fun and keeping him useful all game

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in regards to adam's comment, if the problem is his ult laning you out than perhaps you scale his ulti cooldown. If it's just laning phase, you can have it regen slower for every creep he kills or conversely start it out with a high cooldown and have it regen faster for hero kills/assists.


The point is he's suppose to be a strong laner/splitpusher and we just want to buff him a bit in his ability to team fight late game. Currently, his most viable build to me is int glass cannon, in which case your almost always better to have just gone cypress.

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