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Changelog v1.315

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Game Systems: Rax Bonus Spell Resist 50% -> 70% Rax Bonus Physical Resist 50% -> 70%   Rune Creeps now match the movement speed of the owner.   Items:   Warp Shard: Cost 4000 -> 3500

Do i need to come back so psionic can be nerfed into the ground again

Yes, I developed a hate for people warp sharding away while I was attacking them.

If your q is on enemy or ally you agro towers and neutrals. I was healing myself and walked next to tank and got shot, was by myself with creeps attacking tower and it attacked right back. His Q also seems to stop allies recall now, a while back his E would stop recalls but it stopped doing that some time ago, now if his q is on an ally they cant recall until it is done.


My last game with him was also bringing me down to 2 fps and usually i do not lag with egon.

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Impact is fine, if you make upgraded version, its gonna be picked as much as warpshard did. If ur a int hard carry and get cought out of position, you should be punished for it, I mean imagine kuradel with some sort of escape ability, would be broken, one of big reasons why kuradel was soo strong late game with warpshard.


Cypres op

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