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Changelog v1.315


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Game Systems:

Rax Bonus Spell Resist 50% -> 70%

Rax Bonus Physical Resist 50% -> 70%


Rune Creeps now match the movement speed of the owner.




Warp Shard:

Cost 4000 -> 3500

No longer loses damage after blinking

Cannot be used for 2 seconds after taking damage


Gauss Cannon:

Movement Speed: 20% -> 10%


Atom Smasher:

Slow Duration: 1s -> 1.25s


Coat of Arms:

CDR: 15% -> 10%



CDR: 20% -> 15%



Changed effect visual.





Q - RipNTear Bonus Damage: 2x -> 1.5x



W - Marauders Weapon Rate 1.5 -> 2 (fires once every 2s instead of once every 1.5s)



W - True Damage: 15% -> 10%/ 12%/ 14%/ 16%



Q - No longer gives Debuff Immunity

- Grants Slow Immunity

- Reduces Debuff durations by 50%



W - Movement Speed/Slow: 15%/ 25%/ 35%/ 45% -> 25%/ 35%/ 45%/ 55%



R - No longer sets Movement Speed

- Now Grants +.75 MS and Slow Immunity

- Can exceed weapon speed cap by 50%

- Spectre True Damage: 20/ 30/ 40 -> 15/ 20/ 25 (+7% Tosh Weapon Damage)

- Tosh True Damage: 40/ 60/ 80 -> 30/ 40/ 50 (+20% Weapon Damage)



Q - Base Damage 56/ 74/ 92/ 110 -> 68/ 86/ 104/ 122



Added Skin

Q - Attempted a fix so Black Soul Sphere + Q will be more consistent.

W - Black Soul Sphere allows a blink even if there is no unit nearby.

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Feel like Warp Shard change screws over some heroes...I request Impact Dial to build into something with better stats so you can still use it late game.


You can still use warp shard late game, you just have to move before they get to you. But if you are a hero with no mobility and the enemy is already attacking you out of position, then I think you deserve to die. I don't think dial needs to change.

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a lot of changes that make sense and some nerfs that might have pretty big impacts


lz overdrive is big change but i hope it ends up well


warpshard= good


khyrak= duh


raynor= still think marauders need a range nerf


tosh= fancy


btw symphonic components give more cdr than the item

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are they at 5 range right now? A long time ago i tested them with a 6 range hero and they moved to the same range to attack


if they are 5 range maybe make the slow at low levels worse so you can't just put 1 point into them and be done with it until you get all 3 stat levels. They have a 20-50% slow which is extremely good. 15%-30% might be fair


had another idea, make the slow on them an auto cast ability like tass Q that has around a 2-5 second cd

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I request Impact Dial to build into something with better stats so you can still use it late game.


My exact thoughts. Doesn't need to gain a better active (such as short cd, boosted MS after use, etc), just stats so late game you don't feel so bad having it. Similar to omniscience.

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I'm curious as to why INT/Caster heroes are not allowed to have easy mobility via Warp Shard, yet Gauss Cannon and Shinobi Style are still options for DPS. By the same logic, those items should receive similar changes to that of Warp Shard.

Well casters mostly have aoe spells that let them farm faster and deal more DMG than carry DPS early, the warp shard has a 60 second CD, but the active is mostly used for initation, chasing, and escaping.

I don't see people using warp shard to get where they want to be such as a place to farm, defend or push.

Cyprus and psionic have mobility and tend to build items with CDRs.

Do you remember harryhoot?

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only 2?


comparing warp shard to shinobi and gauss as only escape tools will get you no where, completely different items with different uses


Hero hits gauss, is stunned, walled/blocked or just killed


Hero hits shinobi, gets killed by aoe, walled/blocked, slow, or detected


Hero hits warpshard, is instantly all the way over there


Shinobi is mostly for damage and splitpushing, gauss gives mediocre stats for slow immunity, warpshard is a support/caster utility item that adds to their many actives


Not sure why you brought up only warp, shinobi and gauss when there is also:

silver soul:support

phantom menace



para and eternal to a less extent


at the least phantom menace for your dps heroes


so casters have impact, warp, and yamato for mobility while dps has gauss, shinboi, and phantom, different items you get for diferent reasons

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With the exception of Yamato, all those listed items are about as viable on DPS as a INT Caster. Difference? INT Casters have Cooldowns, so using Yamato for escaping is the LAST thing you want to do, since that is going to hurt your potential damage output at a later time if it is still on CD at that time. Such a thing hardly matters to DPS.


Sure, casters that were already mobile would be fine. However, I never got Warp Shard on guys like Cyprus, Cow, Vergil, even to a extent Maar in the first place. They were already pretty mobile, so the slot was better used to AMP damage more.

pretty shap for a while, and I expect this to make the guy more so.


But heroes like Dustin or Raynor? Corona? I mean Marauder harass aside, the hero has been pretty shap for a while, and I expect this to make the guy more so.


Also, Shinobi is mostly for split pushing? WTF? Anyone who buys Phase Cloak gets it because of the utility it provides, regardless of whether it is for escape or initiation. Hardly for just split pushing (and just about everything a DPS buys relates to damage somehow). I don't see how split pushing has anything to do with it. You also should not consider Impact Dial as a "caster mobility item" since the item's stats are shap due to it being dirt cheap.

Again, all I'm asking is that Impact Dial gets something to build into. Then everyone is happy.

Edited by taznkid
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btw, i use impact as a caster mobility item all the time and it works out great for me so i don't know what to tell you there


i personally don't see the need for an impact upgrade it is a pretty good item that isn't supposed to be a late game item to add to your burst.


Even if you really wanted that item you are out of luck, no more room for int items

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