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Health Item for Casters and Anti-Heal Item for Tanks


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DPS have Cauterizer and Casters have Kura's Deathmask. However, both are rather difficult to proc frequently for tanks, plus, although the items give resist, they give no health at all and instead provide stats that are mostly useless (like Weapon Damage or a chunk of Intelligence) for tanks. I suggest adding a item (preferably a passive, god knows how many active tank items we have now) for tanks to mitigate heals.


Also, DPS have access to several decent choices for increasing their health pool, such as Explosive Retrofit, Force of Entropy, or even Contamination Shard and Everthirst. However, Casters at best have Nitrogen Retrofit, Ihan Crystal, and Symphonic Seed (2 of those provide rather sub-par health compared to the items above, excluding Ihan stacks).


I feel a Caster health item that is a alternative to Nitrogen is needed (since it's unique is not particularly useful to say, a Raynor or Cyprus as compared to a Rancor, Psionic, Corona, or Maar).





While I'm at it...I feel like Energy Saber active should be changed back to a Passive again, with the following changes:

1. Energy Saber retains the current unique of dealing damage as Spell Damage, but as a passive (so a bit similar to Sliptide Scythe)

2. Energy Saber's damage dealt no longer scales with Energy, but maybe like INT or something; just something to make Spell Based AA a bit more viable, while making the item less exploitable by DPS the way it was in the past

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Or make it so you can't use it if you've taken damage in the last 3ish seconds. Thats the problem people have with it, the fact you can escape with it. And make anthrax's ult only cancel if you have taken damage from heroic/massive units and not creeps.


Ugh, reminds me of how you are forced to dismount from creeps attacking you in Heroes of the Storm.


I still just don't like the Int on it. Being able to blink in/out isn't unique to int heroes. Albeit doing additional physical damage isn't unique to strength heroes either on contamination shard, but strength is almost always useful.

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