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BM Admins - Hidrater & SCV


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Admins who have not abused privileges:

  • John
  • Whaletits (threatened to kick me for whooping his ass)
  • Destroyer (debatable)

1 EU, 2 NA.


Total number of Admins (including removed): 9

1 EU, 8 NA.


I can deduce 2 things.

Firstly EU > NA, no need for using next level cheats. Secondly, NA players are filthy, power grabbing, kill joys who cannot be trusted with responsibility - much like their country.


It's debatable whether Destroyer kicking people for picking a glitch hero is power abuse. But it is on a whole other level to be kicking people 1 hour into games or switching someone to a hero which scales with totally different attributes. Sorry SCV but this time this is clearly power abuse. Wouldn't expect anything less from the cretin that is Highdrater.



Tldr: Cull NA admins. Make Iljahi, Zeratul and Spooky EU admins.

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