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How to play Vorpal?


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DPS Vorpal relying on Javelin is still viable, just not very good late game because of how many fights often occur in lane between creeps (and how wierd the targetting for that ability is).


INT Vorpal is decently powerful:if you can get there, which, more often than not, you don't.


The hero is just having issues hitting it's stride in the current meta. The best I've managed is something of a mix, using Atom Smasher+Cerebros to provide some burst damage and utility to my team, then transitioning into a Argus Crystal to Amp up my R+Q combo. On the bright side, you can manage to clear out the creep with that, letting your Javelins land quite nicely. But again, it just takes SOOO much time to get to that point, and even then it's a bit...disappointing.

But hey, DPS Vorpal stomps pubs quite easily still.

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Ocelots into SHM into int. And w/e lane items you want. Your ult-q combo can kill most heroes that aren't tanks as long as you had a decent lane phase. Ofc its hard to solo carry pubs but its good if you have a dps who is actually decent its probably the best build. Also I don't up ocelots unless i get fed in the lane, and then its usually smasher. Star fury is a lot of damage late game with your javs, as long as the game isn't to laggy to hit them.

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Hey I got a build I'd like to hear about someone really good trying out....

I get stubborn trying again and again to make something work I should just leave alone, but I may have come up with something really cool. Don't knock it too fast... think about the details and maybe try it... It's an interesting combination on vorp... And you be the judge of exactly what order will be best to build in...



eternal drive/cerebro/guise/atom/saber/gravity edge


pros- decent intelligence, javs that really hurt, enough mana regen to get by nicely with out everthirst or symp seed, anti debuff tool, spell leach(seems to be enough damage to back it up), a good slow, good creep clear, good damage vs towers(energy saber does really well at this seems like).


Cons- a bit squishy. No Anti HP(rune pire)no anti healing(cauterizer kuras)


If you can get saber/double space battery fairly early and farm with out getting ganked alot, you last hit like the dickens. And no power strike cd, every jav, every aa hurts. I get the healing/armor part of eternal driver early, the hp sustain is awesome.


Going in with q, hitting myself with eternal drive, then unloading everything else in that 2 sec no debuff window is so fun.

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