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Current state of clumsy active skills


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I excluded skills that is intended to be on this list (like drake R on list 2)


1. Active skills that cancel shift-order command

Micro E || Drake Q(But you can shift-order when it's animation is being performed), R ||

Bio E(well, not saying it's wrong. it's just lists) || Rog Q || Vorp Q || Justi Q || Dehaka Q || Khyrak Q || Boros salaslash ||




2. One button Active skills that cancel move command

Micro Q || Rog W || SS R || Brine W, R || Justi Q || Zera R || Grunty Q || Axiom W || Erekul Q || dustin R || CYPRUS W




3. Other things that will make game better


Micro W - Show the target which will get thrown


Brine and boros pull - Fix projectile giltch against the target


grunty shotgun and pyro ult - doing weird thing on enemy artifact


Boros Omni - so buggy. i don't think ive ever seen it hitting 18 times with lvl 3 omni. either rework or fix


Vergil E - his blink works different from other blinks. If you use vergil blink further than it's range, he will just blink towards it.


Narud orb - Make it possible to overlap. it's so annoying to see error message everytime i use my Q.


Mothership - Prob need some rework or something. If not, make it at least possible to use it right above himself. Same reason as narud

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