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How Are You Building Your Artanis?


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This thread is meant to share how we have decided to play and build Artanis. Currently I favor a proc-based build rushing early Star's Fury and Cerebros. I've tried throwing in a late-game Sliptide Scythe because I found myself having a surprising amount of Weapon Speed even without it, but cannot conclude as to whether it works well or not.


I feel that a tank Artanis may be viable due to Warped! and the HP scaling of E (as well as his Heroic Passive slow), but I also feel DPS may be a thing simply because most of the skills have decent utility regardless of damage, and Artanis IS a Agility Hero.


Furthermore I believe that some favor rushing a Ihan during the laning phase as opposed to my more damage heavy approach.


So...which builds are favored, which are superior....I hope to see a good discussion.


By the way: Is there a cap to Spell Armor Penetration like there is for Armor?

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I tried some on-hit/dps artanis today and it went pretty well. I went atom smasher + cerebro as my first two items. Making E an efficient chase and kite tool. I got a pyre so I could kill their tank, a contam for the extra high health and resist + the on-hit to make pyre better. Almost like double Penetration since he has his Q :). I think I got a darwins cuz our tank sucked so i needed to be able to front line. And I a sliptyde for more resist, on-hit, and mobility. Late game I think I switched out my sliptyde for cauterizer since their dps was becoming more op. Also it's beneficial to build weapon damage when split pushing so you can kill the towers faster.


I've found Artanis to have a strong lane presence with the ability to jump in and out quickly and harass. Also his W rapes waves after level 2 of the ability. So he can farm with ease. As he approaches mid game and team fights start happening, if he isn't ahead he'll probably die in the fight after killing one. I think once he gets around 4 items or so he hits his power spike. He's not reliant on farm to be useful, but he is if he wants to carry later in the game.

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