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Omnislash change suggestion


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10u range, target unit(possibly allies).


Boros focuses and reveals himself for 1.5 sec. Channel get canceled if the target moves away more than 12 unit range from boros. After channeling, boros slash target 7 times with 0.7 second period, dealing spell damage to target(if it's enemy) and enemy unit nearby. (not disappearing from map or something. he can move around normally after channeling) Total amount of damage is fixed.


1.Target enemy

-damage is distributed as

(Initial target) :( each enemy heroic unit in 6 unit radius) : (each enemy non-heroic in 6 unit radius)

= 5:3:1

For example, if there is 5 creeps, 2 heroic unit(except for the target), and you're dealing 320 damage per slash, target takes 100, each enemy heroic unit takes 60, and each creep takes 20 damage.


2.Target allies

-damage is distributed as

(enemy heroic unit in 7 unit radius) : (enemy creep) = 2:1




Total spell damage : 50/80/110(+30% int) per slash.




Enemy team will have to stay close in order to minimize the damage taken to target. So heros such as rory will be good combo with omnislash.


and with this new omni, int boros can pick omni, dps can pick sala

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