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Changelog v1.305-v1.308


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New Hero! Executrix.Artanis




HP: Abilities apply a stack of Grail to enemy heroes for 6 seconds. At 3 stacks, all stacks are consumed and enemy takes

Spell Damage and loses 80% Movement Speed for 1.5 seconds.


Spell Damage: 60 (+100%INT)


Q: 2 Charges Target Unit, 5 Range

Dash through a unit, dealing Spell Damage to enemies you hit.


Passively gain Spell Penetration


Spell Damage: 50/ 70/ 90/ 110(+25%INT)

Spell Penetration: 10%/ 14%/ 18%/ 22%


W: Activate, 4u AoE

Go into stasis for up to 2.5s. After this duration or when reactivated, emerge from stasis and deal Spell Damage which increases

with time in stasis.


Spell Damage: 60-225/ 80-300/ 100-375/ 120-450 (+35-120%INT)



E: Activate

Next attack has increased range and deals bonus Spell Damage.


Spell Damage: 30/ 45/ 60/ 75 (+15%INT)(+5% Target Max HP)

Range: 4u/ 4.75u/ 5.5u/ 6.25u


R: Target Point, 7 Range

Fire a bolt that hits the first enemy hero, warping you both out of the battle for 1.5s. Then teleport up to 10u towards your cursor

bringing your enemy with you and Stunning them for 1.2s.


Cooldown: 100/ 90/ 80



Also a few bug fixes. We'll try to do some balance changes after the tourney. Also it's perfectly fine if Artanis is autobanned for the tourney since he's new.

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