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So in regards to huntress I believe he needs a slight buff. The only thing I have heard people say about huntress was he did a little to much damage early game with the 3 hits. So here is my suggestion:

E - 4 Hits to 3 Hits.Decrease base damage by 50 each level and increase weapon scaling to 135-150%.

This will make him less trolley early game but give him good damage mid and late game.

R- increase width from 1.2( going off what you said) to 2.2-2.5

The effect range doesn't even cover the animation range which is ridiculous. Plus I think anyone will agree huntress ult is one of the hardest ult to hit in the game if not the hardest(when target isn't right in-front of you. It def is the hardest if its a lateral ult

Destroyer recommended giving him a little range buff also. I personally think the range is fine but hey whatever floats the boat.


If you don't want to change the E at all than I think you should give his Q charges (3 to be exact) and decrease the damage a little. This will help him defend against melee since everything from melee to burst down counters huntress as it is.

Q - Reduce base damage by 10 and increase charges from 1 to 3. Give similar cool down as grunty Q


The first option will be the easiest to fix before tournament since its basically how he was before except not as trolley early game. Most people thought he was fine the way he was before to start with since he was very easily countered.


Thoughts anyone?


-Buff Pyro

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