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Theory-crafting about Gara build


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After playing DPS Gara for some time, I believe I have figured out a somewhat optimal build for DPS.


Core Items:


CoA, Pyre, Xeno, Sliptide, Ihan, selling Ihan


Situational items:


Cauteriser, Arcbound, Khali, FoE, Contam, Yamato, LockBox, Gauss Cannon


(Note: the change to make laser turrets vulnerable to SCV fire is in fact a huge nerf, but I'll get to that later.)


Before I begin explaining the core item choices, I'd like to add that anything that adds weapon speed is good, because it boosts your ult damage indirectly.


Now to the item choices.


The general principle is to reduce the negative impact of Gara's heroic passive to your damage output, and maximise the positive impact of it.



CoA is the maximising part. Since Gara's own weapon speed does not transfer to that of the SCVs, CoA and MK passive are the only ways to increase SCVs' fire rate. However, given the global auto-ban policy, it's impossible to have MK and Gara on the same team in the upcoming tournament. Essentially, CoA is it.


The other 3 items are all of the minimising part. That is, their value come from their uniques and not weapon damage.


We mainly need Pyre for the weapon speed and %current health damage, which isn't halved.


Similarly, Sliptide's unique spell damage is also not halved.


Now you may think Xeno is a bad choice, but in fact it's the greatest item of all for Gara, because the unique + 6 damage is not halved! Without Xeno, any sensible DPS build would leave gara with less than 270 weapon damage, but adding Xeno one can boost it over 300.


A major draw back of Xeno is that it makes Gara's AA outpace SCV repairs. This means that you'll destroy your own turrets within a few shots. So do not get Xeno if SCV flooding is to be employed regularly.


Of the situational items, I personally prefer crit. Since SCVs can;t proc unique, only the CoA and Xeno out of the core item work with SCV flood.


For a SCV flush to work, they must be threatening enough to the enemy back rank at least, namely the DPS carries and casters. This is where crits come in. You may sell all of the core items bar CoA if you want to use SCV flush hardcore.



For the Micro capable players out there, Gara can be very powerful. Stuns and slows are just a minor part of the hero's CC arsenal. THe trump card is the ability of SCVs to cockblock.


E.g. slow/stun with Q/W then micro SCVs around and trap. This is especially dead for heros with a range shorter than 6 and no blinks/Gauss Cannon.


If you can pull this off often, then FoE is entire unnecessary.

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