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Truly imbalanced: OG teamchat.


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This is how our team enviroment is like. Bigdaddyn0tail is screaming in the mic:" BIGDADDY BIGDADDYYYYY BIG DOOOOODYYY YEEEAAAA IM" GOING INNNNN". I'm yelling "GET ON MY LEVEL HOE YEEE NEVA EVA NEVA EVA YOU CAN NEVA EVA GET ON MY LEVEL HOE" everytime I kill someone. Fly is spamming Alt Left-Click on his gold to count it every second, he's also spamming Alt Left-Click quickbuyu on Midas to remind us every second how close he is to buying Midas while me and n0tail are yelling at him stop counting your money jew and don't buy midas or we'll lose. Meanwhile cr1t's spamming "Good Game" on the chat wheel while typing "I am dead" every other second. Alas we have Miracle- aka "M-God" aka "8 0 0 0 M A T C H M A K I N G P O I N T S" playing anti-mage and I think he muted all of us.

Now you might be thinking:"How the hell does a team function like that? Let alone win?!". Well that's because this is the environment Miracle- is used to playing in his 8000 Ranked MM games. He ends up playing anti-mage or SF and carries the game 1v9. We are simply re-creating the environment in which he excels: Miracle + four 4k mmr teammates

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