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What is the level of play??


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You can save time learning the game by focusing more on good mechanics than learning individual heroes and builds. Just ask team mates what hero roles are and how to build your hero. This way you can learn a lot faster and be more diverse than if you focus on mastering a single heroes play. You can also easily apply good game mechanics to other mobas like LoL and DotA and not feel as guilty about putting so much time into AoS.


I don't have a lot of time to play AoS so I typically just work on my mechanics and typically have to ask for build/orders for most non-support/tanks.

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Well if you have questions about anything in AoS feel free to ask here or in games.


Maybe someone more familiar with LoL can summarize some of the major differences between the games. I'm only level 10 after about 2 years of LoL, don't play enough/remember enough to truly comment on that.


I guess fun fact, towers have a thing called backdoor resist, which halves the amount of damage they will take unless creep or 3 total non-friendly heroes are near it. So if you're trying to kill a tower without a creep wave and don't have two other team mates with you (or Tassadar clone) it's significantly more difficult.

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