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Mmmm been quite a age since I last visited this forum ever since I really got into TERA competitively....


Well let's see what I can do to help you out.


I consider Rancor to be the closest thing to a "offensive support". Others that might fall under that category include heroes like Yig and Rory. The difference is that Rancor has much greater mobility and overall ability range than those two; consequently, due to Rory and Yig being fat ass heroes, you see them often carrying support items such as Kassia, Spell Buffer, etc. essentially items that a tank would often build.


Now on the topic of Rancor: you can afford to build him with less resist, again, because he has less mobility. I will list a bunch of items that I consider to be great for a "offensive support".


1. Impact Dial

Just a good item in general. You simply, hands down, cannot go wrong with this item no matter what hero. The utility and mobility this item provides is just stupidly good. Dial helps Rancor in particular by allowing you to quickly close the gap for Dead-Eye Lockdown; often, if you attempt the skill at a good distance, a decent opponent can see it coming and move out of range. Dial helps push into that safety zone quickly before your opponent can react.


You can perhaps swap this out with Silver Soul later in the game for better Resist.


2. Cerebros and Atom Smasher

Now Rancor most definitely has energy issues. Cerebros solves that. Furthermore, Cerebros' base damage, plus the stat independent damage scaling of Atom Smasher allows you to do decent burst damage as a support. You will basically tickle the enemy tank, but the burst can be deadly to a enemy carry or such. Furthermore, Cerebros can be thrown in to help fuel a hero on your team that has energy issues (assuming not much as changed since I was gone, heroes like Maar, Dustin, and early-mid game Cow and Cyprus have energy issues).


Also everyone knows that Atom Smasher's slow is stupidly broken. It's been nerfed. It's still stupidly broken. You can get this item on any hero but Narud and it will work decently. The slow synergizes a bit with your R nukes; you can slow the hell out of your enemy that attempts to flee from your team.


3. Prophecy Stone/Omniscience

Chunk of health, plus map vision is always nice to have; even more so when you are Rancor, whose W (Scanner) and Heroic Passive makes him one of (if not THE) the best heroes for controlling map vision.


4. Sunflare Gun

Similar idea to Atom Smasher. The damage is completely independent of stats, which means while it might suck on a INT building caster or carry due to the fact that it wont scale with whatever they are building up, its great on a support like yourself who is mostly stat independent.


5. Symphonic Seed/Twin Paradox Isolator

Supports are ability dependent heroes. The cooldown reduction from these two items may make a great deal of a difference in team fights.


6. Nitrogen Retrofit

You are dealing Spell Damage, so you might as well make your nukes slow even more than they already do. You could use the health anyway.


7. Kura's Deathmask

I think this is the correct item...the one I'm aiming for is the one that takes away enemy Spell Resistance. With a AoE ability like Rancor's nukes, this can work quite nicely to the advantage of your casters. Plus it gives you Spell Resist.


8. Chilling Artifact/Swordbreaker

Personally I would not get anything like a Korhal or Spell Buffer on Rancor even as a support, if only because you are trying to be stealthy and use that single target stun on a priority unit. Chilling Artifact however, that can work...again, slow them to death. Even more so if you have a Dial to help you close the gap.


So personally, I like to build something like:

1. Soul Engine + Fusion Blade + whatever consumables I feel like

2. Duran's Machete (because I suck at last hitting so I need some help), perhaps a Lost Treasure around this time

3. Impact Dial (because it is op)

4. Lightning Rod (so I actually have a decent pool of energy)

5. Atom Smasher (so I dont instantly get one shot by everything at this point)

6. Cerebros or Prophecy Stone (often depending on my income)

7. Cerebros or Omniscience

8. Sunflare Gun

9. Chilling Artifact/Kura's Deathmask (depending on what I am dying to or what I believe that we need)


Frankly you have quite a bit of burst like this; while nuking the enemy team to death, doing low but not inconsquential damage plus slow, you stun a high priority target, unload your burst, then back out to rinse and repeat. The way you would go about this depends on your choices in items; mine is a bit more offensively inclined, but others might go for a more debuff support/cooldown build involving Nitrogen, Kura's, Symphonic, etc.


Having said that: the only item that I would say you should get no matter what is Impact Dial. It is just too good to pass up. You see it on basically anything that is not a carry (frankly I've seen it on carries a few times as well), even INT casters to a decent degree.

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