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The guide to the other side. FT Skydie.


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What is AoS? A game about skill? Balance? Decision making?


The above are true. But to become Tier 1, such as yours truly, you need to be a little more. You need an edge. Introducing - The Mental game.


You see to be Tier 1 you need to act like it. You need to be the zenith, the pinnacle, the apex.


This is a work in progress. I will begin with the origin of ascension. Tilting the enemy.



I. The game before the game.

The game does not start when you select your hero. The game doesn't start in the lobby, it doesn't even start in Mumble. The game starts with you. You need to troll, BM, pretend to ask for builds. Lower everyone else pick value worth of you. This way you are guaranteed to win more games (as you are on stacked teams).


The next step is scaring the enemy during drafts, pretend that you don't know many heroes. Message the enemy captain or a vocal player on the other side what you wish to play. This way they'll think you main that and hate ban it. Success. They waste a ban, falsely thinking this will harm you.


Personally I have rigged the system. By refusing to play tanks and supports I never have to do so. I call this concept 'positive reinforcement'. By never playing supports/tanks infront of people they will not pick them for you, alternatively you can do 'negative reinforcement', this is feeding on purpose (however doing it subtly).


Other steps are fake banning. I won't give away my greatest tips here, but feel free to ask me on Mumble/SC2 for my personal favourites. In essence this is duping the enemy, by banning something which has already been banned. If this works, the duped party will continue to draft, after a certain amount of time you then reveal that your ban was a repeat. The enemy then goes back on all their picks/bans, which is useful to you because you now know what they wish to pick/ban. This is the great 'EU fake ban'. Thanks John for introducing me to this concept.


Finally tilting the enemy in game. In every game there is what you call a 'lemming'. This lemming is the epitome of trash, he/she feeds and constantly makes bad calls. Skill is irrelevant, anyone at any time can eventually become the game's lemming. The trick is tilting the lemming. As soon as you first blood, you proceed to pause. The pause is followed by trash talk, this will undoubtedly harm enemy morale. You only have 2 more pauses, use them wisely. I like to save them for team wipes and at landmark deathstreaks of the lemming. As an example the lemming goes 1-10, instantly at this point pause and trash talk them.


II. Mechanics

Aos, originally Sotis, is based on Dota1. Skills from other games are transferable. Concepts from SC2/LoL should be used, namely 'a-moving', 'kiting' and 'orb walking'. As an ADC you can maximise damage output while keeping yourself safe. Whenever playing you have to pick your moments, I.E know your hero inside and out BUT ALSO know your opponent.




0)Lane freezing

Will update soon.


1)Power spikes

Every hero in the game has a power spike, or 'jump'. An easy example is Cyprus, on level 6 he unlocks his signature move - his ultimate. To improve as a player you must abuse your power spike and play passive if your enemy has his before you. For example as a Cyprus vs a Stukov, I would play passively. Stukov as a strong laner would bully me in lane and I'd not be able to apply much pressure.


I now have a decision to make, trade aggressively or play passive. Personally I would play passively (freeze my lane), then call for a gank from my jungler. What does this do? It means the opponent is in an aggressive position in lane - perfect for my jungler to gank him at. When I hit my lvl 6 power spike, I'd have conserved mana in order to wipe him 2v1. Perfect


Another example is roaming. Sometimes it is futile to be in the lane. For example I like to Vergil. Vergil can't kill Pyro in lane. Prior to hitting my power spike, I will push my lane out (to receive CS) then will roam. Roaming allows me to abuse my power spike (level 6 ultimate). If I roam mid/bottom where there are 2 people I can get a double kill on KILLABLE targets. The issue with staying in lane versus Pyro is that there is a strong chance 2v1 me and my jungler wouldn't kill him. I'd have wasted an ultimate and my junglers time. This is playing for the betterment of the team.


A T1 player should always do this. You can't think of the game as a linear 1v1 between you and your laner. Think multi-dimensionally. As a top laner, if you see your mid-laner losing, co-ordinate a gank with the jungler and kill the mid laner. This way you get ahead (kills count are more useful than CS), and push the balance of an ally laner in their favour. You also TILT THE ENEMY (repeated ganks on the same person do wonders for their morale).



2)Efficient trading











III. Build orders

Many inhousers are open with others about their builds. But a significant number aren't, these players refuse to help others with item builds even when on the same team. Fortunately there is a solution.



A lot of people have ego flashes, after winning games in a tournament/IH they will post a screenshot to the forums. Other times they simply want their ELO points. Regardless of why, you can use these screenshots to your advantage. Often they contain 'decent' inhousers and even without regularly playing this game (like myself) you can easily see the meta builds, hero picks and bans. To counter this I regularly go sub-optimal builds and fk about with my items. After all as a T1 player I can carry without building optimally. It is important to stress you should keep optimal builds/broken item interactions/hero picks to yourself prior to a tournament. Sometimes this backfires, such as in the great Brokentier 2012 tournament. A month prior to the tournament most IHers realised from pubs that Biotron was OP, however no one wanted to leak this. So for a month he wasn't picked in IH. Then came the tournament, in which everygame Biotron was banned or the team which picked him won. He was nerfed to the ground after this.

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OMFG, DonaldDunk you're so fuqing pro. Holy shieeeet. Teach me more please.


I will continue to update this guide. The build orders section has now been added. Although there are troll elements to this guide, a lot of it is actual useful stuff which not many people know.

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  • 1 year later...

SCV still going to follow through with this?


I would if I can.


Unfortunately 'The Donald' is currently suffering from 'technical issues', and Jamal is unable to contact him to revive this guide. Would love to edit it without having to repost.


Also Jamal would like access to his final form aka Skydie.

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