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LotV campaign


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Wanna buy LotV for me?



- 3 individuals will be selected to have their winning design implemented along with our HotS release.


Winners will ALSO receive:

- A copy of Legacy of the Void when it comes out on release day.

- An in-game yellow player tag reading "AoS Character Designer".


The winning designs are as follows (in no particular order):

Adamantium - Khyrak.Avenger



In place of the Collector's Edition, all winners will also receive access to a custom skin, unique to their account for the character they designed.



By the looks of it AoS should be buying LotV for you, since I already bought LotV ill take 40 direct deposit into my bank account. Also where is my unique psionic skin and in game colored name???

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Nvm found it:


We can start with this one:




Clearly that ultimate (with an amazing namesake) deserved to win rather than anything here.


EDIT: Just had a quick glance at the prize, LOTV Collector's edition. I hope Red and EKCO can continue their excellent record when it comes to delivering SC2 prizes!



If AoS is still alive in 3/4 years..



EDIT: In that post EKCO specifies that hero creators will get custom skins in place of the collectors edition.

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