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Drake and micro


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i have tried int micro and it was pretty bad. So was weapon speed.


Int drake used to be my jam back in 4.0 now i cant stand his lance because it is derpy as fuk. You should probably go shm nitrogen and ancient rune and just chase people till they die. Orgamic and yamato are also good for this not sure what your last item should be, maybe argus?


remember drake has the highest potential aa damage in the game so going dps should be op

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I typically build Drake in the following way: lost treasure, miners goggles, prophecy stone, shm, organic, Chilling/spell buffer/korhal depending on enemy teams heroes, then the last items are a toss up between omniscience, silver soul, lifetech, and lions bane.


For Micro, I go lost treasure, miners goggles, prophecy stone, impact dial, organic, then chilling/spell buffer/korhal/eternal drive/parallax depending on enemy comp, if your team needs the resists or you need the debuff to engage. Other possible items include warp shard, silver soul, taser, shm/nitrogen.

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