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Adding More Voice Announcers


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Just like most other MOBAs, they have an announcer that notifies a team about a recent or an upcoming event. Creep spawn notification after Hero Select, ally's Death, and Main Structure under attack are some examples that help players be more aware on the recent events of the game--Not just by reading, but also by hearing.


Heroes has a lot of unused announcer sound files designed for this kind of stuff.





And for those who don't want to buy Legacy for $40, you can buy it for $28 (digital):



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Hi Red! Are you coming back to play?


Hey Yaldi, haven't heard from you a long time! I'll be around during Legacy's release.


yes are you coming back? you should play in the tourney


Probably not. I'll be going on a vacation on that weekend.


Her voice sounds like she's kinda bored tho.


To some degree, but I think this announcer's voice is acceptable because of her calmness. You want to pick a sound that can heard comfortably over and over again, and not something that makes you sick and tired of hearing it after the 20th game.

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