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What in this beta is so broken that you would refuse to play it, knowing that since people like you refused to play the beta those "broken update" changes are now in the live version?


The first rule of EU. There is no logic behind rules. One of the rules is that beta is ALWAYS broken (hence someone will refuse to play it).


Est 2011. EU style.

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Not at all, there were just a few people who had a hard time downloading the beta when whale took over, they were good players and with such a small player base beta was hard to make. Then after that people just didn't make beta lobbies much.


Got to expect a subtle quidditch flame post every once in a while though

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How is this flame..


I was there when Wrath and Whale took over.


Eco lost interest in the game. Quit doing real work on the map. Players lost interest in the static game. SC2 dieing.


When W+W took over the interest was all but gone. Only a hand full of people were actually invested in improving the game. I was one. But after seeing what the community has become and watching Wrath rage quit. Watching Whale struggle week after week to get people into beta games and get viable feedback. It was pointless.


When Ekko was active and doing consistent beta test. People would line up to play in them. So much so we had to exclude players. When ekko got on and said " I would like to test some things" People just up and stopped what they were doing to help him.


When Whale would try and beta test. Even in the early phase of his Admin role. He was ignored. People were always saying no. "Beta has bugs, Beta is unbalanced, Beta sucks. And they would continue playing the normal map.


Qusitmans exact frustrations in the original post. Are the same I saw on week 1 from this community.

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