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Build Economisation (Incomplete)


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I have wanted to write a guide of some sort about this topic for some time. So many newbies tend to go straight for the recommended builds, without due regard to the build order. A common mistake, in my opinion, is to complete the entire Pyre before building the next item. Isomorphic Pyre costs $3950; Smoldering Incisor costs only $2000. We can rank the attributes of Pyre:


1. %current hp damage unique

2. Weapon speed

3. Cool down reduction

4, Weapon damage


For only $2000, you can get all of [1] and most of [2]. Is it worth another $1950 to get [3] and [4] early on?


You'll find below a collection of my incoherent thoughts on how to optimise build and build order. Most veteran players should already know this, so let this guide be for noobs.



Incomplete Item Is Fine


A rule of thumb is that, component items are money efficient, and final items are slot efficient. An SS with Incisor and Tusk is sure to beat an SS with only Explosive.


Also, as alluded to in the introduction, incomplete items are great stop-gap measures. You can either complete them later, or sell them for a small loss later on. For instance, if you want some more survivability, but don't want to forgo a timely DPS item to get a full defensive item, you can buy an Emerald Mox or an Emerald Lotus without building them into anything in the near future.


It's more economic to buy the item that can be built into one that fits in your final build. If you intend to have Explosive Retrofit in your final build, then buying an Mox early is definitely a good idea.


But this doesn't mean rushing final items are always bad. High impact final items are good choices in this respect. They include:


Impact Dial

Warp Shard

Most aura items

Chilling Artifact

Sun Flare Gun

Yamato Reactor

Most burst items


They share 1 thing common -- great attributes, unique's and/or active's.


Take Sun Flare Gun for example. It gives damage, spell and physical leech, %max hp spell burst, slow, cool down reduction, energy and some int -- for only $3200.



Final Build


I want to discuss what I meant by final build before continuing on the topic of stop-gap builds. In AoS, there are almost no hero that can do more than 1 build. As soon as you see the enemy's team composition, you can tell what they're going to build and what you should build. Everything you buy that does not in some way exist in your ideal 6-slot is transitional.


If you bought Lotus intending to finish it into Organic Carapace later on, then it's not transitional, but it may not be the best idea to finish Organic immediately, as discussed before. if you bought Ocelot's Revolver to give you some burst and a boost in mana pool, then it's transitional because you'll probably want to sell it off later.


I see some poorly designed final builds, so here is a rough guide, for DPS heroes (since I don't play int, except for int SS)


1 of {Pyre, Arcbound, Gauss Cannon} will bring weapon speed down to 0.75; 2 will max out.


1 armour item gives you 45% resist; 2 gives 62%; 3 gives 70%


With no hp items, you will end up with 2000 hp at max level usually.


You can probably figure out some rules.It's almost always inefficient to get 2 weapons speed items before anything else, e.g. Pyre followed by Arcbound. 1.25 ->0.75 is a larger improvement than 0.75 --> 0.5


You should generally get 1 damage item --> 1 weapon speed item --> HP item --> resist item


The conventional pro wisdom dictates that for DPS, one needs to build damage first, then weapon speed.


For survivability, one needs to build HP first, then armour/spell armour.




Duran's Collection


Duran's Machete, Pendant and Buckler are the starting items for Agi, Int and Str heroes respectively, or so would conventional noob wisdom have you believe. They are not.


Theoretically, given a certain Duran item, the heroes that benefit the most are the ones whose main stat match the item. In practice, the benefit is minute and is overshadowed by many other factors in play. Instead, buy and use Duran's items to suit your need in lane.


In my opinion, Duran's machete is the least powerful Duran's item. Its unique is only good for jungling. Since you want to freeze the lane, you won't be shooting at lane creeps all the time.


Duran's Pendant is great for sapping Str and Agi heroes of their energy. Do this for heroes that have a low mana pool. One thing to note is that, if you're not Int hero and you get pendant, you better be good at last hitting, and must switch between last hitting and harrasment constantly. Many noobs forget to creep completely while they'ed engrossed in shaving off miniscule amounts of hp from me.


Duran's Buckler is in my opinion the best of the 3. Its unique gives you incredible amount of armour for the price. It maintains its effectiveness even in mid-game. Even if you're Nova, or Huntress, don't be afraid to buy a buckler. It's a great stop-gap item.

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