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Tips on Kuradel?


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Getting a kinetic cell early on is a good idea so you can have extra energy and build it into Khalis Relic later. Like quistman said, try to last hit and get your stacks up asap so you can get a mid game power spike. In lane, you can spam your q to harass your enemies. It deals pretty good damage and once you get used to the timing, its not too hard to hit. Also once you get used to his damage potential you can estimate how low someone has to be for you to knock em out in one combo. I believe a good combo is Q R W Q.


I'd max q first. W isn't reliable to hit on it's own but if it does, it makes it easy to hit q right afterwards. Using his ult might be a bit tricky. You press r then click on a target point, then move your mouse in the direction you want the line to be drawn. It takes a little getting used to. But you can also draw a line starting at your maximum range for the ability and then going outside the range, so the potential range of the ult is pretty far. Because it's only a 1 second stun, don't expect to hit someone at the far tip of the ult and then easily follow it up.


As far as items, you can start with the normal pendant. And like I said earlier, grab a kinetic cell soonish. Some have success with getting an ihan early while others prefer going straight int. You can never go wrong with Argus, gravity, Kura's, yamato and/or khalis. Other items to consider are warp shard, symphonic, nitrogen, asuras, or whatever else fills your needs. I'd consider warp shard if there are a lot of enemies who can jump on top of you, and you can't kill them; or if you're really risky or bad at positioning like me.


Mid-late game you have some pretty nice burst damage, so don't be afraid to combo people.

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