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2015 Aeon of Storms Christmas Special


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Welcome to the possibly-annual Aeon of Storm Christmas Tournament


See below on how you can participate in this amazing event.






Registration is now open for the 2015 AOS Christmas Special. Interested teams need to pm me their team information using the format below


Reregistration Closed



Team Name:


Member 1:

Member 2:

Member 3:

Member 4:

Member Sub: (Optional)


Up to 3 subs are allowed



Players may register as a "single".

Players who are considered singles may be picked up as subs for other teams or create their own team out of singles.

If you wish to register as a single player use the format below












December 19th

NOTE: Eastern Time Zone

10:00 am - Getting things started and teams assembled.

10:15 am - Start first games


December 20th








1st Place

1. Gold Grand Master Badge

2. In Game Colored Titles

3. Penthos Skin


2nd Place

1. Blue Master Badge

2. In Game Colored Titles


All Participants

1. Special Tournament skin for a Hybrid.Maar hero.







All participants must agree to these rules:

1. Be fair and bring good sportsmanship to the game.


2. Acknowledge that requests will be very limited to speed up the tourney's process.


3. Understand that any game exploit you commit implies forfeit.


4. Understand that all teams are required to meet in the Christmas Special Lobby at 10 am. If your team is 30 minutes late to the event (held on Mumble Server), your team will be disqualified. If your team is lacking 5 players you may take players from the singles list if your team did not already have 3 subs (that player is now an official part of your tournament team and counts as one of your 3 subs).


5. If a player drops from the game after 20 minutes that team will either forfeit or continue with 4 players. If the player drops from the game before 20 minutes, the game will be recovered. The team that had the dropper can replace them with one of their subs or wait up to 10 minutes for the original player to reconnect. If the team with the dropper does not have an available sub and the dropper does not reconnect within 10 minutes they can either forfeit or recover the game with 4 players.


6. Only one Referee and one Streamer will be allowed to spectate the game. All other spectators will have to watch the stream.


7. Each game will start with a coin flip or rock paper scissors to determine who gets TEAM 1 slot "Protoss Side and first pick in draft". Rotate for the 2nd game if there is one. If the match goes into a 3rd game a coin flip or RPS will be done.


8. If the two teams are from different servers the team that wins the coin toss will be able to also pick which server the game will be on. The 2nd game will be on the other server and if the Bo3 goes to a 3rd game the server will be decided on via rps or coin flip.


9. When drafting pick quickly, if your captain is consistently taking 5+ minutes to ban/pick heroes that team will potentially forfeit the match based on a judges ruling.



We want this event to run quickly and smoothly as possible! To prevent potential delays, There will be a ZERO Tolerance for bad manners and general trolling

Clans are not required, but we encourage you to make one. It helps us easily identify teams. Clan names should be appropriate. Names that are vulgar or inappropriate cannot participate.

We will try our best to find a Referee for every game to ensure that everyone plays by the same rules. ONLY Referees may pause/resume: When request for Pause, Referees will type in the countdown before pausing. When request for Resume, Referees will first ask if everyone is ready before starting the countdown to resume the match. 2 Pause Requests per team, 5 minutes each.


Livestreams will not be available UNLESS both teams agree to do so. We will not be held accountable for ghosting.



*** If there is any confusion or debate on a ruling during the tournament come find me on mumble and I will settle things.





Registered Teams






(1) Team Name: Nut Crackers

Captain: Highdrater

Member 1: BlackXion

Member 2: Apache

Member 3: Aaron

Member 4: Syrus


Member Sub#1: Mayhem

Member Sub#2: Harryhoot

Member Sub#3: Hbogyt




(2) Team Name: Team RIP

Captain: RustInPieces

Member 1: Tyrael

Member 2: Apophis

Member 3: Yaldi

Member 4: EnraReyeg


Member Sub#1: Kingslayer

Member Sub#2: The Destroyer

Member Sub#3: ???




(3) Team Name: PubStars

Team Name: PubStarz

Captain: Dafuq

Player 2: McDoogle

Player 3: Anonymous

Player 4: Tails

Player 5: Kain


Reserve 1: HoneyBadger

Reserve 2: Goldwarrior

Reserve 3: Alice




(4) Team Name: SourGrapes (AKA Team Aiur on the bracket)

Captain: Aiur

Member 1: Dutch

Member 2: Kael

Member 3: Anax

Member 4: Strider


Member Sub#1: Dutch

Member Sub#2: SCV

Member Sub#3: IAMCUTE




(5) Team Name: Russian Mafia

Captain: Zeratul

Member 1: Duke

Member 2: Fighter

Member 3: ArmaDrake

Member 4: gghacker


Member Sub#1: John

Member Sub#2: ReneeLaTaupe

Member Sub#3: AyersRocK




(6) Team Name: SKYNA

Captain: DREX

Member 1: Revision

Member 2: DavidChan

Member 3: Destroyer



Member Sub#1: Pinkie

Member Sub#2: Jaysi

Member Sub#3: Dresden




(7) Team Name: Singles Team #1

Member 1: HYLY

Member 2: Totohoho

Member 3: Shoks

Member 4: Lucifer

Member 5: lljaHi


Member 6: Lorn

Member 7: brast

Member 8: Shoksmom




(8) Team Name: Singles Team #2

Member 1: Taxnkid

Member 2: Hucci

Member 3: AlexAverskiy

Member 4: Bushido

Member 5: MrBackup


Member 6: Nanaki

Member 7: DonaldDuck

Member 8:








Registered Singles







Streamers / Judges



If possible I would love to have 2-3 streamers for the event and 2-3 people willing to Referee games.


Streamer: Codiac / duke


Referee: Justice


If you would like to stream and/or be a Referee during this event shoot me a pm




Auto Bans



Fixed Bans:

- Kerrigan Skin

- Artanis


Captains will be allowed to set unique autobans for any given match. As long as both captains agree on said bans (If both captains want "Only 1 pusher" the following will be considered pushers)



The Following will considered pushers:

- Queen

- Garamond

- BioTron

- MK

- Unix

- Tass








For those who aren't familiar with the Draft format



Team 1

Team 2



Team 1 Ban:

Team 2 Ban:

Team 1 Ban:

Team 2 Ban:

Team 1 Ban:

Team 2 Ban:


Team 1 Pick:

Team 2 Pick:

Team 2 Pick:

Team 1 Pick:

Team 1 Pick:

Team 2 Pick:


Team 1 Ban:

Team 2 Ban:


Team 1 Pick:

Team 2 Pick:

Team 1 Pick:

Team 2 Pick:




Additional Information



- The tournament will be double elimination with every match being a Bo3. Losers bracket matches will all be Bo1


- Any comments, questions, or suggestions are appreciated








10/9/15 - Page Created

(I might have stole the format and name that Quidditch used last year, but it wont let me pm him to ask if i could use it so I assumed that he would be ok with it)

12/12/15 - Rewards added



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This might be huge considering it skips Halloween and Thanksgiving ������


It gives time for the devs to fix the shap that went down when blizz updated to patch 3.0 and for teams to assemble


Can people that are listing to be added as singles pls post their region and their in game name, i know a lot of you but not all.

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