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December Tournament thoughts?


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With the holiday season coming up there is a lot on my mind, but one of the things I was thinking about is that it has been quite a while since our last Tournament. Thanks to Sphynx the Ih community has grown quite a bit and I think that it would be fun to have a tournament sometime this December.


Off the top of my head there are only a few things to figure out...


Who would be the organizer? (Im sure there is someone in the community who would do it but if not I would always be willing to set things up.)


Prizes? In my long experience, most people dont really care about cash prizes, but colored names for the winning team and a skin for people who participate would be cool and not to difficult to take care of.


Date? I dont have a specific date in mind, but im pretty sure that there is a short time when everyone will be out of school on break in late December but before Christmas/other holidays that would work well.


I would love to hear the communities thoughts on the idea of a December tournament, is this something that people are interested in?

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Honestly although the number of inhouses has increased the quality of player base isnt really enough to get more than 1 op team and maybe 1 medium team.


For it to work people would have to want to take resposibility and not just stack a few teams. yes there are lots of people but very few leaders

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The issue I had in the past was getting Ekko to upgrade the mumble server cap. The last tourney i tried to host I asked him and asked him to update the cap the day before the tourney.

He assured me he would be online the day of to update the mumble server cap as needed. Why he would not just update it the day or days before is beyond me.

But he did not show up on the day of the event. So I had to squeeze 10+ teams of 5 players + subs plus all the spectators and such into a mumble with the server cap of 40.

Most of the people went off to sidds mumble or Wraths mumble.


And to be honest. This same issue has happened in every single tourney I hosted.


Good Luck

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It would be interesting to see how many "retired" players would play in a tournament.


Teams will be interesting as well, as there are almost NO active clans left.


Overall the organization" " of the event is really not that difficult.


Key is proper advertising (load screen) and simply have an organized bracket, and decent time plan in order for all the games to be played.

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