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[Database] Thermo.Axiom


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Name: Thermo.Axiom

Type: - AA Carry


Starting Stats:

Starting Health 480

Movement Speed – 3.23

Attack Range – 5

Attack Speed – 1.75

Starting Damage – 44

Base Armor.Resist – 17.6%

Base Spell Armor/Resist – 15%

Strength – 30 + [5]

Agility – 32 + [6]***

Intelligence – 28 + [4]




Heroic Passive[The Three Laws]


"1: Rather than energy Axiom uses Heat. Axiom has a maximum of 120(+10*Level) Heat.


2: Axiom passively gains (2% Maximum Heat) per second.


3: If Axiom reaches 0 Heat he loses 25% Movement speed and is silenced for 3 seconds."





[Q] - Star Light


"Axiom fires 3 laser rays that deal 30/70/110/150(+60% Weapon Damage) physical damage and slow enemies hit by .5% per heat consumed for 3 seconds.


Enemies hit by more than one ray take 75% damage from each additional ray."


Heat Cost: - 20(+33% Current Heat)

Cooldown: - 12/11/10/9 seconds

Range: 8




[W] - Isochorium


"Axiom creates a pressure and heat barrier around himself providing 10/50/90/130(+70% Weapon Damage)(+250% Heat consumed) shields and reducing incoming physical damage by 50% for 3 seconds."


Heat Cost: - 20(+33% Current Heat)

Cooldown: - 12/11/10/9 seconds

Range: - self




[E] - Thermokinesis


"Toggled On: Axiom gains 10/60/22/28% increased Weapon damage and Movement speed while draining 10/15/20/25 Heat per second.


Toggled Off: Axiom regains 1/2/3/4(+3% Missing Heat) heat whenever he damages an enemy with an attack or an ability. this amount is quadrupled against enemy heroes"



Heat Cost: - 10/15/20/25 per second

Cooldown: - Toggle on/off

Range: - self





[R] - Molten Chain


"Axiom flings out a Molten Chain in a target direction, latching on to the first hero dealing in its path dealing 100/150/200(+50% Weapon Damage)(+100% Heat Consumed) spell damage if the target is an enemy hero. For the next 5 seconds Axiom is tethered to the target unit dealing 20/30/40(+20% Weapon Damage)(+50% Heat Consumed) spell damage each second if the target is an enemy hero.


If Molten Chain is reactivated while Axiom is tethered to a target, that target is pulled 15 units towards Axiom and is then no longer tethered."


Heat Cost: 40(+33% Current Heat)

Cooldown: 90/80/70 seconds

Range: 10

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