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The Problem with the Artifact, Tier 3s, and Ending the game


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I don't think the current artifact buff on the test map is very good


The reason why one team can be losing badly, turtle in their base, get 1 teamwipe and then push down mid and win the game is a problem with the base being too strong already. The problem is that a team can be winning, control the whole map, have all the extra gold from 3 tier 1s, and 3 tier 2s, have numerous kills on aeon and worm, and it can still be difficult to siege the base and kill tier 3 towers. The reason why the other team can come back is that the game stalls out for 10-15minutes and the death timers go up and people get more items and the winning team is forced to fight the losing team under the tier 3's or the artifact. The big issue is that turtling gives a massive advantage and it can be too difficult to crack the base/tier 3 towers.



This is for a few reasons:

1) The creep wave is generally pretty weak and can be cleared very fast. There is never enough time to even put damage on the turret before the creep wave runs out.

2) The creep waves meet just outside of the tier 3, making it even easier for the defending team to clear with minimal risk from on top of the ramp right next to your tower.

3) The ramps deny vision right where the creep waves meet, so if you want to stop the enemy team from clearing the waves you have to walk blind up the ramp with no vision, take tower shots, and then try to zone off the enemy team.

4) You can't go behind a tier 3 and zone people off or dive a tier 3 very easily because the artifact and tier 3 are so close together that you'll end up too close to the artifact.


I think what would be best/easiest is to get rid of the ramps denying vision into the base, allowing the sieging team to have vision of the base so that clearing the waves is much riskier. An alternative would be to add a baron like buff from league to the worm. You could also reduce the damage of tier 3's.


I would also weaken the artifact a bit and/or make the super creeps from killing suppressors tankier (to prevent turtling on the artifact itself).

I'd also shorten death timers slightly (to prevent 1 teamwipe on the enemy's artifact causing a loss).


The good thing about how it is now is that every game is somewhat "close" but I feel like it's just such a grind to actually take tier 3s and the artifact. The defense is so strong and the more fair thing is for the team losing badly to just lose the game.

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