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Windows 10 + Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan


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Hey guys!


I been reading a lot and is lots of people with this problem. Windows 10 is not detecting my graphic card.

I tried to download another version for it! Doesn't work! Plus Windows 10 just automatically update the drivers.

My screen now is big and ugly with many color dots around.


Someone by causality fix this or found the way to make it work?


Thanks for any help.

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Thats the problem, I got any error when Im installing it. (But the way when is done my screen became with lots of glitchs)


When is done and Im about to update the driver it just doesnt install it.


I got mark this on my device manager:


Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)


I wanted to put an screenshot but imagehack isnt working at the moment.

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