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Vorpal. - Ultra Weak??


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IMO He is Ultra weak.


He has high damage output if built int or wpn dmg, but extremely squishy either way. He also face plants too much for such a squishy hero, so he likely will die alot as well.


I challenge anyone to go godlike with this hero and then post the screen shot :P


(Lets just say I don't expect anyone can do this)

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I personally would like him remade as a Tank.


Not sure how many people would have trouble with that.


My issueswith him being a tank is that it is literally changing everything he is and that he has been...


I am yet to be cpnvinced that he is a weak hero. I have seen what john does with it and that is just oppressive in lane.


Vorpal is still a very safe solo offlane with massive early game impact.

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