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Leo Testing


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I played around with the newly nerfed Leo the other day.


Here are my criticisms and comments


1) INT scaling reduced on both Q and R (OK, this will make him less powerful late game, I am ok with this)

(He can still kill people late game, so this is a "small" but noticable nerf from before.


2) Reduced Base Damage on R. Also noticable, especially early game. But hey, we wanted this hero to be weaker. So I am ok with it.


3) W - Hunting talent. More speed FURTHER from target? so i can run fast, until i get close, in which case i basically slow down to their speed?? This talent Nerf was unnecessary and infact entirely detrimental on a hero that has NO GAP close or ESCAPE. Leo is weaker now, cannot kill as quickly. If he still had his old "chase" talent, he would be fun to play, just not as effective. Removing this chase talent almost entirely ruins the enjoyment of this hero. I want to at least feel like i COULD chase down a weak hero. The current W does not seem to function at all, or the speed % is so low that it might as well not be a talent!!


Summary: The W needs a Buff. NEEDS IT! (This will not result in massively more effective leo, it results in a Leo that is at best functional)


4) Jungling Early. With all of the damage reductions on Leo. I have found that his Lvl 1-3 Jungling is extremely weak.

I have no trouble with his lvl 3-4 Q talent. But his Lvl 1 talent at minimum needs a BASE damage (not INT scaling) buff. This is required for him to be able to Jungle early. Leo is currently MUCH MUCH weaker than Khyrak or Shadow in the jungle. If you Do NOT get lifesteal talent, Leo can barely take the tank and 2 marauders without dying. Those other 2 heroes i listed can do so easily.


He needs a Buff to Base damage on Q OR some sort of buff to his base damage or armor or whatever to make him work a little better at lvl 1-3.


5) E reflect very short, could move 1s to 2s or at least 1.5s. Realize that this talent has to be used expertly to even have ANY effect. Generally speaking I would prefer LESS damage, and more time on this Reflect spell. But in all truth I could care less about this skill as it does not effect the hero all that much.


This is a very small Buff I am asking for, on a hero that had almost all of his skills nerfed.




Leo Weak Jungling Early

Leo Weak Chasing Talent makes him ineffective but mostly NOT FUN to play.

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Iljahi your LVL 18 Kitty Luda kill proves very little. I said the hero still works at high levels. Your Pub game luda kill does not point out the flaws I saw with the hero early game. This is not evidence towards the hero being fine.


And to Revision... very well 2/3 people now think he is fine :P

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It depends on what everyone thinks Leo should be. ATM he is a late game carry that you can hide in the jungle which admittedly is kinda dumb. But honestly I like that fact that he is a late game carry even though his skill set is kinda bland. The game is lacking melee carries with really only Leo and Shadow available, with maybe Dehaka if you build a comp around it. So yea I kinda like current Leo and honestly hes not that weak. 4/6

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