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Good PubStar Heroes?


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I would like to be a pubstar, but am tired of playing the obviously all-rounder heroes like LZ, SS.


I am also aware of heroes like Pen0s, Khyrak, Jakk and Null which are very versatile too.


What are some other heroes that offer a good win rate in pubs, taking into account the probability of feeders on your team, bad team compositions etc.?


I'd imagine that those who satisfy this are ones who have very flexible builds and are highly tanky.

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The average pubber plays squishies. Consequently, it's rare for me to not get godlike when playing Cyprus.


Caster carries like Psionic and to an extent Maar do pretty well also. It has been a while so I'm not sure if it still applies, but Yig also carries hard in pubs with Atom-Cerebros burst.


And of course your average ranged agility carries.

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I enjoy pubbing with Unix/Jakk/Null/Queen lately, but mK can also be flexible to carry as dps.


Of said list, unix/queen/mK can all push, the others are soso, if not decent, but not great.


I usually play nub heroes if I'm on a stacked team...


Heroes like drake or boros played properly can be quite effective as carries in their roles as appropriate, but composition can't fix a few of their shortcomings in regard to carry-ability.


Let me fix this post with a simpler answer: I play based off team composition. Often playing the best piece to fit the team is more effective at giving your team a chance to win, that and not necessarily being stuck to specific builds or roles.


I've done silliness like tank null, etc...to give myself a better chance to win. I also don't care squat about KDR, mines close to 1:1 normally. I have no problem giving a little for the team.

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