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Changelog v1.287


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Q - Projectile Speed 18 u/s -> 10 u/s


Organic Carapace:

Unique - Healing now reduced by healing reduction effects.



HP - Heal on attack 1.5% Missing Health -> 3.5% Missing Health



W - Base Damage 50/ 80/ 110/ 140 per stack -> 40/ 60/ 80/ 100 per stack

- Scaling 30% per stack -> 25% per stack

R - Cooldown 100/ 90/ 80 -> 120/ 110/ 100



Q - Travel Speed 5u/s -> 7u/s

- Stun Duration 1s -> 1.25s

R - Scaling 5% -> 5%/ 7.5%/ 10%




Q - Damage: 60/110/160/210 +50% int -> 60/120/180/240 + 25% int

Q - CDR: -1s per attack -> -.5s per attack

W - Movement Speed 15%/ 20%/ 25%/ 30% -> Movement Speed now decreases when closer to the target. 5-15% / 7-20% / 9-25% / 11-30%

E - Reflect: 20/30/40/50%--5s duration -> 72/84/96/108%--1.15s duration

R - Duration 8/10/12s -> 10/10/10s

R - Damage: 60/120/180 +30% int -> 40/95/150 +25% int



W - Movement Slow 30/ 40/ 50/ 60 -> 30/ 35/ 40/ 45

R - Base Damage 120/ 200/ 280 -> 100/ 160/ 220



E - Cast time .15s -> .75s



E - Energy Cost 60/ 90/ 120/ 150 -> 60/ 75/ 90/ 105



Q - Cooldown 1s -> 2.5s

W - Cooldown 1s -> 2.5s

- Now requires a unit within 3u to blink to a point

E - Cooldown 1s -> 2.5s

R - Duration Forever -> 30s


Sunflare Gun:

Damage: 500 -> 200 (+15% Target Maximum Health)

Timescale stolen: 15% -> 18%

Ability Arc: 360 -> 90 (They have to be in front of you)



Weapon Delay .15s -> .3s


Egon - abilities modified



HP: Casting an ability on an ally permanently increases the effectiveness of Egon's abilities on that ally, up to 200 times.


Q:[2 Charges] Heal an Ally or Infect an enemy for 8 seconds. Infected enemies take bonus Spell Damage from Allies Basic Attacks.

Heal/s: 18/ 26/ 34/ 42 (+.25*(casts on target Ally))

Spell Damage: 30/ 50/ 70/ 90 (+15%INT)


W: Shield an Ally or Slow and deal Spell Damage to an enemy for 3 seconds.

Shield: 120/ 160/ 200/ 240 (+2.5*(casts on target Ally))

Slow: 35%

Spell Damage/s: 20/ 32/ 44/ 56 (+3% Target Max HP)


E: Hyper Energize an area, Restoring allies energy and Removing Debuffs, while dealing Spell Damage to enemies.

Energy Restored: 50/ 80/ 110/ 140 (+2% Target Max Energy (per 10 casts on target ally))

Spell Damage: 80/ 120/ 160/ 200 (+40%INT)


R: Knockback and Stun enemies around Target Ally Hero. Increases target Time Scale and Spell and Physical Damage for 8 seconds.

Stun Duration: 1.5s/ 1.75s/ 2s

Time Scale: 15%/ 20%/ 25%

Damage: 12%/ 16%/ 20% (+1% per 10 casts on Ally)




STR Health gain 10 -> 8



-[HP] STR Bonus 2 -> 1

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Im gonna do myself a dis-service and be totally honest- you may have over buffed immort. Greater Q speed, stun, R damage, any one buff would have been great.


I've been playing immort for months, I see the few other people who play immort in pubs struggle- while I already did well consistently- I feel because I have a perfect base build.


Use and sell Kinetic Cell and Perpetual engine(built and sold in specific order with base build), final build ends up as Sunflare, cerebro, atom smasher, dark steel, kuras mask, ancient rune. INCREDIBLY rounded out build for immort, I was sometimes leading kills as a support hero.


Just played several games and i felt almost a little dirty. I'm thinking that means immort may be op... but more games to be played.


Im terrible so I find one hero that works for me thats not played much, and I play it to death.


I still submit the possibility of bringing back old Q to current immort. Huge AOE, good range, huge damage, but looong charge for full damage. Was a blast. If you do it maybe put a brief stun back on his sheilds like when first remade him, keep up his support role.


PS in case your are not aware.... Lurker seems to have glitch on his attack, and sunflare description in game doesnt match change log exactly.

Edited by Gambit
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Q - Cooldown 1s -> 2.5s

W - Cooldown 1s -> 2.5s

- Now requires a unit within 3u to blink to a point

E - Cooldown 1s -> 2.5s

R - Duration Forever -> 30s


STR Health gain 10 -> 8


Penthos Nerf is great. Now requires a brain to play it.

That STR Heath gain reduction explained everything on why I was so squishy.


Egon is even worse now, congratulations. Why rework a crap hero into an even crappier hero?


What a waste of effort.

Eh, His new job is to give DPS their apple juice.

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I tried the new Immortal, with Gambits suggestions (thanks Gambit!).


Very nice, not overpowered IMO, but definately good early/mid/late.


Very fun to play.


Glad someone liked a build of mine!!!


Agreed he is not op even now plenty of chars in good hands make me poop my pants.

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