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AoS League Signup


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The league willl be restarting this september! The format will be the same as the onorganised by GuZ prevously.


If there is still interest please pm me your full roster, team name and name of your captain.


Individuals let me know aswell and i willlist you as a free agent too!





Roster tbc



Free Agents: Yaldi




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I ran the league for 6 seasons previous to Guz.


I can say this. I enjoyed his "fixed time" for all matches. This allowed for less work for the organizer. I suggest doing something like all games be played Sunday 2pm EST; 8pm UK London time. And if teams dont like that time, they have all week to arrange a matchup for a time BEFORE This point.


Beyond that the trouble with every team facing every other team is this.


Many matches will be Tier 1 teams vs lower teams... which to be frank will be a blowout. The game is not worth playing that way.

Also blowout games cause and may cause teams to fall out of the system. Its only fun when you get to face similar competition only. I found this was prefered over simply having more variety of opponents.


This is why i suggest the "Ladder" system: For those that remember:








In this case Team 1 plays Team 2; Team 3 vs 4. Winner moves up to rank 1/3. The following week; 2 vs 3; 4 vs 5... winners move up to 2/4.

This system does involve BUYS (weeks off) for teams at the very top and bottom of the scale. But fair competition is all but garaunteed. (Or as close as possible).


Clan Edify (My Clan) Made up of Newer players will play under these rules. If you want Edify to face SkyNA or Darks most weeks, we will likely not bother entering a team, because its not worth their time to show up and lose 45-5.


I can also say this system is the MOST fun when virtually every clan that exists is involved. I can help try to get more teams and clans involved if signup is going slowly.

I can also say that during the summer, I started the ELO rankings, because I could not find more than 2 teams TOTAL on NA to compete in the league. Hopefully the inhouse ranking system will have revived the inhousing community a little, and you will have more success.


GL, I am here for advice whenever u need it.

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@Sphynx i agree to an extent. The main issue with this is the balance of server bias. So far the best system to deal with this was the one implemented in guz's league of having a bo2.


I shall put a thought into it and will catch you on mumble to talk about it.


P.s. if anyone would like tp help promote/organise or anything let me know! The more help the better.

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