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Future Development


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It's be a fun (whole) year working on AoS, and I've really enjoyed my time as Developer for all of you.


Twelve Heroes (!), multiple systems and mechanics overhauls, and countless patches later, I have also finished my undergrad degree and am soon to be employed. Unfortunately this means I will no longer be able to continue on as Developer for AoS.


I am leaving the development of AoS to the care of the community that has been built around it. While no single person may have quite as much time to dedicate on learning and working on the editor as I had, it is my hope that long-standing key member such as Adam, Revision, Sphynx, SCV, FMage, and Destroyer will be able to maintain and continue further improvements. I am confident in their individual strengths, and believe that they compliment each other excellently.


I'll still be on mumble and open to chat and play. I look forward to seeing where AoS goes from here.


-Kevin Huang

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Thanks for everything Whale, wish you all the best in your future plans. You Did quite a lot for the community. I'm proud that you been around and give a lift to the game.


I know the new DEVS will do their best and continue your hard work. Good luck.



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The people who have put work in on this game are rarely appreciated. It is easy to complain but harder to design and create things for others.


Whale was massively more active and creative than a few of the previous designers who got very busy and let the game slide.


Whale did an excellent job. Balancing the game is more than difficult, but I am sure it will be a work in progress as always.


Good Job Whale. And Good luck at your new job.

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Thanks for everything Whale. I like new heroes and fun game!


i like best Heroes

- Kuradel

- Egon Steman (rework)

- Yig

- Pyro (Firebat)

- Warfield

- Avenger

- Acral

- Anthrax


i hope next new Heores

- Artanis

- Samir Duran


Good luck at your new job.Whale.



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