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I've played few games with Ling recently and I have few concerns about design. It looks like hero main role is to set up traps with his lings to kill solo heroes and split push. However I found him barely useful in teamfights:

- His heroic - u can't change your mind after casting it. Why not give him ability set them new destination? Very often after sending them at specific point u want to move them somewhere else. But u can't. U have to unburrow them and wait until they die and then u can send new pack. That creates situations when your ultimate during teamfight potentially sends u far away.

- His Q is too slow. Basically u can't dodge anything with that ability and also as offensive skill is less useful. During the cast time you are overexpose to damage and usually before u can reach someone with that ability late game - u are dead. So I think ability should work faster or make his burrow instant to give him invisibility during cast time.


Overall I like new design. Hero looks like good counter to squishy mobile casters. But setting up traps and unability to replace them makes it very difficult.

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he should be able to quickly wreck squishies that don't have quick escapes, especially after getting a bhm.


for late game team fights, use him to assassinate targets after the fight has already started and most of the aoe/cc is out of the way. hes generally pretty bad in team fights though, and this is by design. If you really can't team fight, you can use him to split push at that point, and leave lings near the base/team so you can quickly join the fight or escape as needed.

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