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How play Emil.Narud?


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Step 1. Farm properly and rush Ihan

Step 2. Upon reaching level 6, run at the enemy yelling "YOLO", with Starburst Stream active, and spam your Loci onto them such that they get stuck in the path of your Ultimate.

Step 3. Utilize W and E as needed

Step 4. Watch hilarity ensue as people who think Narud is weak get completely melted.


A important fact to note is that as a hero designed to be a Caster carry, Narud is heavily item dependent, so getting those core items (I would say Ihan Crystal for energy sustain, Argus Crystal, Gravity Edge, Kura's Deathmask, and to a lesser extent, Nitrogen Retrofit) through proper farm is important.


Step 5. Buy Warp Shard/Khalis Relic/Asura's Guise/Whatever the heck you want as you see fit

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