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Zeal rework?


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The change doesn't really make sense to me. Basically, i feel like everyone gets it just like swiftness because there really isn't an option to not have move speed.


It's such an unfair advantage to not have move speed laneing, escaping, ganking ect.



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I think the idea of the talent is fine, just needs to be toned down a lot. EDIT: maybe replace swiftness with a lesser version of zeal and come up with a new defense talent? EDIT2: just a suggestion but maybe a defensive talent for tank junglers? "Ignites enemy non-heroic units that attack you dealing ----- dps".

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The old Zeal (escaping talent) was probably used mostly on Toxi and Vergil to stack with their passives.

But that was a defensive speed boost.


The new zeal, correctly or incorrectly, I have added to all my builds.


Ironically though, I sorta like the new zeal alot. Maybe i just like the improved swiftness feature which makes my game play seem faster.

Having full life heroes be a little faster than weaker heroes also incentivizes more action, so as much as people are disagreeing with the new Zeal, Part of me really likes it.


I see the complaint though. Movement speed is basically the best stat to have.


Do we think the New Zeal could replace swiftness??

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