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Changelog v1.270-1.274


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Changelog v1.270-2.74


Game Sys

- Support heroes per level Hp scaling increased to +20 (was previously +15)

- Bruiser heroes per level Hp scaling increased to +24 (was previously +15)

- Tank heroes per level Hp scaling increased to +28 (was previously +15)

- A-Move auto acquire will now skip over passive units

- Shadow Skin Re-enabled

- Zeal 66% Hp Threshhold -> 75% Hp Threshold



- Fixed improper Per Level scaling on Biomass



- Reworked Completely



Active: Zergling Strike Squad: Sends a squad of commando zerglings to the target point, burrowing upon arrival. Crackling may reactivate this ability to spring the ambush, unburrowing his squad and slowing units caught in the area by -99%, decaying over 3 seconds. The squad lasts up to 30 seconds after unburrowing before despawning. Cd: 30s


Zerglings Spawned: 4

Zergling Health: 30 + 15% Max Health

Zergling Damage: 15 + 15% Wpn Dmg

Zergling Wpn Spd: 1 attack per second

Zergling Resistance: 50% Resistance


Q: Ambush: Crackling dives into the ground, re-appearing at the target point, dealing physical damage in a 3u radius on impact. 50 / 90 / 130 / 170 + 30% Wpn Dmg. Crackling’s zerglings may also be ordered to use this ability with [W] (Dealing 1/4th damage per zergling).


W: Unsated: Crackling gains stacks of Unsated over 9 seconds. His first attack consumes all stacks, dealing bonus physical damage. Hitting enemy heroes with Q or E instantly maximizes his stacks as well. Each stack increases damage by 1% Wpn Dmg. Can have up to 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 stacks.


E: Snot Ball: Crackling spews out a ball of snot, rooting the first unit it hits and dealing spell damage. 80 / 130 / 180 / 230 + 75% Int. Root duration 1.6s / 1.9s / 2.2s / 2.5s


R: Feeding Frenzy: Crackling gains flat movespeed, weapon speed, and slow immunity for a few seconds. If this is used while Strike Squad is currently active, Crackling will first races to his Strike Squad at 20 Movespeed, becoming uncommandable until he gets there (or gets cc'd/dies). Upon arrival, he and his squad both gain the buff.

+2 / 3 / 4 Movespeed

+60 / 90 / 120% Wpn Speed

6s / 7s /8s

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New ling sounds interesting and I'm planning to try him out. To be fair, ling wasn't played much and was really someone to just run in and last hit that escaping hero. With this reworking, he's now a global initiator that could be, if played correctly, a jungler's worst nightmare with him being able to solo gank that shadow who's low on health after that firebat camp.

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it currently exclusively means neutral jungle camps and zergling's burrowed squad. This change was made to prevent jungle camps from attacking the burrowed squad, giving away their position.

Could you make Jakk's mines be considered "passive units"? I think it is kind of unfair that sometimes neutrals attack the mines. I mean, who doesn't like blowing people up at Aeon?
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wtf is parry...


Also, whose main hero? I for one do not have one.


Sigh... lol


Parry is the passive on DST that damages the attacker for a percentage of their weapon damage upon attack. By main hero I mean your respective hero that your units belong to. For example, as Raynor if my marauders attack someone with DST and they have the parrys up, they will shoot to Raynor and damage him. Same thing for Crackling and his zerglings. Fairly certain MK does as well.

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