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Movement speed cap


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Please consider movement speed cap. Its stupid when any hero with new Zeal and specific set of items can be fast as Grunty on the river...



- each hero has movement speed buff cap at +30/40% from base movement speed which is coming from items/talents. Hero abilities (like Grunty ulti, or Leo passive) are not involved.

- besides there should be global movement speed cap, maybe at around +100%. So Grunty won't be able to reach speed of light on river.

- both caps can be overcome by timescale, same as weapon speed cap.


Other option is to prevent some specific item actives from stacking with each other.


I think everyone would agree that mobility is important on many heroes. But seriously there should be limitations. Whats the point of Leo heroic passive when anyone on enemy team can reach +50% movement speed buff? Whats the point of Nova E, if she still has to get more movement speed items to keep up with enemies? If there is a need for so ridiculous movement speed buffs on any hero, then create hero with such an active ability to put it on allies, so people can consider drafting him to get that advantage.

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afaik there is no way to implement this... or i would have

So there is a big difference between weapon speed mechanics and movement speed mechanics? Than maybe u can make some actives to not stack with each other? I mean actives of those 3 items:

- C-48 Gauss Canon

- Silver Soul

- Shinnobi Style


Maybe there is a way to make them to buff base movement speed only, not current movement speed? So if someone already has increased movement speed wont get big buff from those items. I'm starting to feel nostalgic about old-school boots items. They were mandatory but at least movement speed wasn't out of scale.

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