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I played 2 pub games yesterday to check out new hero and I have to admit that it was a big disappointment. What new this hero brings to the game? Why not pick Pyro instead who has similar ultimate, who can jungle, initiate and tank some damage? Its just an another burst damage carry, who doesn't bring any kind of synergy with any other hero. Maybe only with Jackson ultimate, but in other hand what doesn't have synergy with Jax ulti?


So i have few suggestions:

- heroic passive additional effect - each Ionize stack decrease timescale on the target

- change passive E into active - selected heroic ally during next few seconds do additional X dmg per Ionize stack on enemy target


And this way we could have cool offensive supportive hero with potential to buff dmg for AA carries. Potentially very strong in lane with Cain if maxing out E first.


- other simpler suggestion is to simply give Ionize stack additional effect which decreasing spell resistance on target

- basically any kind of additional stackable effect which Ionize may give has a potential to give some kind of synergy between this hero and others. In current state hero is simply boring.

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I've played few more games with that hero and he seems fine. Still sad that his heroic doesn't bring anything more, sth useful for allies, but its great against grouped enemies. Against separated enemies hero is completely useless. Anyway he has nice teamfight potential if teamed up with Jackson, Vorpal or even Shadow.

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