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Item suggestion: Eye of Adun


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The eye of adun would upgrade your ultimate effects are based on hero, everyone who wanted to buff an ulti but the buff would be too good by itself feel free to suggest a upgrade


25 STR

25 AGI

25 INT

Unique- + 30 primary stat

Unique- forgotten knowledge, empowers your ulti

Builds from stabilizer 1875 and two soul engines 285 i believe? recipie cost 1055 costs 3500 total



Unix: makes the skill deal damage twice a second, effectively doubling damage over same duration, removes energy cost and travel time, now ignores debuff immunity


MK: can now bribe 2/3/4 units, stat bonuses are doubled


Maar: becomes global and no longer requires vision channel time reduced to 2/1.5/1 seconds, also reduces mana cost of orbs by 25%


Raynor: ulti is now targeted, still can be intercepted


Cain: ulti becomes toggleable 5 second cd on switch


Immortal: channel time removed, no longer has to teleport immortal, toggleable by v, doubled cast range


Avenger: removes mana cost and halves charge cd


Acral: ulti damage now scales with distance at a rate of 1% per unit max +200% damage


Psionic: orbe recall no grants a shield for 5 seconds equal to damage dealt to heroes by the ulti


Drake: ulti no longer has a mana cost, halved channel time, and no longer immobilizes drake


Dehaka: ulti heal doubled, cd reduced by 30% and hp cost removed


Khyrak: bleed now deals max hp damage and can be lethal


Rancor: nuke now holds 5 charges, cd halved, being hit gy a nuke applies radiation a debuff that lasts for 15 seconds and stacks indefinetely refreshed upon reaplication, each stack of radiation increas damage of armaggedon against that target by 25% (multiplicitive not additive)


Cow: toilet is now invulnerable


Penthos: black soul sphere now lasts two casts and increase maximum spheres by 0/1/1


Akasha: ulti now damage reflects in a 3 unit radius aoe around akasha and the damage source, non overlapping


Tassadar: removes swap channel time


Stetmann: all mana costs halved, caustic salve cd halved, caustic salve stacks infinitely, during ulti applies 3/4/5 stacks of salve in one cast ulti now grants 25/50/75% cdr for its duration


LZ: ulti now heals for 50% of its remaining shield whe it expires


SS: now grants one permanent option drone, increases total drones at all levels by one (the permanent one)


Stukov: if stukov catches the plague a secondary one will be fired bouncing between enemy heroes within 6 units of eachother 3/4/5 bounces


Jackson: ulti doubles the effectivity and range of magnetic presence for 5 seconds after cast


Swann: flaming betty now targets lowest hp hero and has + 2 range


Greelus: ulti now heals all allies in the aoe for 25/35/45% of the damage it would normally deal (is affected by the amp for standing in it for long periods of time)


Boros: omni applies all on hit affects, salsa leaves a trail of burning salsa dealing 75% of boros's int as damage over 3 seconds to all enemies within the trail ultiple trails stack


Warfield: increases aa speed by 50% while attacking the marked target also you are healed for 10% of the damage the target takes during the mark upon the marks expiration or the death of the marked enemy


Nova: cast range doubled


Vergil: ulti now leaves a rift in reality causing each struck enemy to release 2/3/4 mini slashes for very time they were hit each slash deals 50% pf the damage of one hit of dimension slash, one second interval on the mini slashes


Shadow: ulti now grants cloak with a .4 second fade time, is disrupted by aaing but will contine attempting to cloak for full duration


Pyro: ulti now has global range and 50% greater aoe


Yig: refunds q's cost if it hits a hero, halves w's cost if it hits a hero, removes cost on e, any allies in the ulti are healed for 10/20/30% of yigs current hp each second they stand in it


Queen: banelings and ultra now move 25% faster, stacks multaplicatively with creep ms bonus, doubles max biomass


Cyprus: removes cast time on ulti, ignores spell armor


Corona: ulti now deals 25% more damage to enemies for every stack of ionized they have on them


Thats all the heroes that I could think of upgrades for, please let me know if you can think of any others

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Why not? It's been discussed in the past but neevr got anywhere, I was hoping to revive discussion on it so casters have more options the 6 or 7 items that are built nearly every or every game, I would love to see more build diversity and some people might make builds surrounding the advantage they get from the empowering of their ulti

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I understand that a huge amount of work would be required, but I think lots of people in the community would love it, and like I said, it promotes build diversity, which is a wonderful thing. Aside from the heroes with extremely trashy ults I tried to make the upgrade very situational.

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The idea was it would be situational, after allw ould you call it worthless if it let you dodge the enemies burst as asquishy adc and then went on to win games, this item is not meant to a core item on every hero, I was also trying to promote support cow, because I kinda did it one time and if blizzard hadn't lagged like it was running on ANIAC we would have won that game. The only ones I see not being situational are MK's, Unix's, and Stetmann's all three of which have really underwhelming(or in the case of stetmann downright bad) ultis

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I wasn't running atom smasher, I was support because what I did was faceplant into their farmed shadow and do as much damage to him as I possibly could then my teams really fed shadow would mop up, its a style similar to suicide bomber anthrax except without the global initiation.

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The fact that its op on most heroes makes it balanced. Op cancels out op =balanced.


Having said that, implementing this item would result in everything getting insta-rekt, which I believe is something devs are trying to avoid.



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This item idea pops up every once in a while and is never really forgotten. However for the colossal amount of work it would require to properly design and satisfactorily implement, I don't think it would be worth while. Its one thing to write down cool effects and modification, its another thing to have those effects actually be healthy for the game. This item effect usually acts one of two fronts (or both): as a straight buff to an ability - think more damage, but not necessarily a mechanical change, or as a mechanical overhaul of the ability.


For example, your modifications on Vergil's, Dehaka's, and Rancor's ults are essentially just a straight buffs. With or without the item, the Vergil and Rancor player will still attempt to hit as many enemies with his ult as possible - there is no change in play or decision making. Thus this item will simply either replace a core damage item, like argus or yamato, or be generally underwhelming


Alternatively, look at your change to Unix, Drake, LZ or Immortal's ults. You propose changing how the ability mechanics work - but to what end? All you are doing is completely removing any counterplay from these abilities! Hero kits are designed as a complete package, and adding or removing features to them without thorough consideration of all the ramifications can create huge issues. Furthermore, if a good mechanical option exists for this item's effect, why not simply propose it as a rework of the ability, instead of a round about item change?


Some of your changes even straddle both of these problems, such as your Cyprus change. Effectively turning his ult into true damage and removing the brief cast time. Not only is this a huge buff in damage, it also completely removes any counterplay. You wouldn't be able to build any type of resistance against it, nor react to it in any way. It would simply come down to: Can Cyprus delete me with a push of a button: Y/N.


It's not so easy to design a meaningful item with this kind of interaction - let alone implement it. Even figuring out how to communicate it's unique effects on each hero to players in game would be quite the challenge.

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It is undoubtedly a lot of work, but you could phase it in (have it work for a few heroes more per patch). DotA is still updating Aghanims Scepter, after all. Perhaps you could find balanced inspiration from the type of buffs Aghs gives (spell dmg to pure dmg, cooldown reduction, an effect that synergizes with the affected ability's natural effects (i.e. Centaur's ultimate normally works like a global lz Q, with Aghs it also gives the affected heroes unit- & cliffwalking)).


The only other issue I see with this is the amount of CDR items in the game, and items like Gravity Edge and Argus Crystal.


All things considered, it might be more trouble than it's worth.



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Aeren should get a debuff when he plays Cyprus. Call it UPren's Vanity. Spawns half as many rocks and all abilitys do half damage. AA cast time is 2 seconds.


That should balance him a little bit.


I would agree with this being a nightmare to balance. Let's focus on other more important things first. Though I wouldn't mind a mass of idea suggestions so that if Whale ever did get the time or drive to do this, we'd have the balance done for the most part.

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