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Rofl CLG


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Sounds interesting. Anyone got any cliff-notes/sentence summary for what is happening with C9? I don't really follow the pro scene but they're a pretty big part of it.


As an aside..




Why the AMA chick got fired: http://www.breitbart.com/big-journalism/2015/07/02/reddit-revolt-flares-again-as-ama-moderator-sacked-the-day-after-a-disastrous-jesse-jackson-qa/


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Last split C9 wasn't doing as well as they were usually (they weren't #1, only #2 in NA). Reddit blew things out of proportion as usual and blamed their midlaner Hai, due to his middle-of-the-pack mechanics. Note that Hai is well know as C9's shotcaller. Hai steps down and C9 then proceeds to implode, and is on track for a 9th-7th place finish this split. Apparently Hai was single handedly carrying C9 through his shot calling.

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I don't think this is C9 dicking meteos. I don't think any reasonable team would abruptly kick their jungle two days before matches that will determine if they get auto-relegated - costing themselves two bans in the process, to pull back a player who hasn't played competitive jungle in two years.


If it was C9 taking initiative, I would imagine subbing Hai in for Incarnation would make FAR more sense than this. This sounds like Meteos rage quitting.

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Well when I made the post they appeared to be gods.


This worlds is pretty nice a lot of cool things are going on. I mean who expected Oregin and C9 to preform so well. Who expected LGD to preform so poorly. It just really goes to show how unpredictiable these out comes can be.


And the mid lane diversity has been extremly fun to watch.

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