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Rancor's Nukes


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So Whale is attempting to push Rancor into more of a clearly defined Support/Utility role....the Beta change to Rancor's Armageddon I think is a step in the right direction, but I think the debuff effect is rather weak.


Consequently, I think one or more of the following could be applied:


1. Debuff stacks per nuke up to 4 times

2. Decreases Weapon Speed

3. Decreases Weapon Damage

4. Lowers Physical Resistance

5. Lowers Spell Resistance



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burning, bleeding, and poison. doesn't a nuke do all 3 of those lol.

A nuke doesn't cause you to bleed if it is dropped on you. It would actually cauterize any wounds and stop bleeding. If it didn't disenegrate you upon impact.
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o hey its moo.


I went for % hp dmg over debuff because other than movespeed slow, its difficult to feel the effects of those kinds of debuff

Hi. I thought about playing this and it looks fun, but lag is a large deterrent. I'd rather just play LoL without lag. I was wondering how the game was going and just checked in. :)
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