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Crit chance and energy saber(and armor pen+energy saber)


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Dying to know if crit works properly/fully with energy saber bonus damage-since energy saber bonus damage does not show up in the heros stats in the bottom left, or show up for the -dps command.


Will the bonus damage also bypass armor with armor pen items?


(while Im at it- what about life steel)


Is energy saber still kinda cheesy? Dont know but seems perfect for immort, since his q w and r get bonus of the huge mana pool anyways.

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Immortal's energy costs and regen were changed drastically; consequently, you have one of two choices:


1. Build energy and dish out damage, but basically not be able to spam abilities because your regen does not match up to your energy pool

2. Build support which allows you to spam abilities,but then do no damage


As for Energy Saber...I'm pretty sure it works with Armor Penetration, not sure about Crit.

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