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hello everyone its Turbo


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Hey everyone im Turbo i use to play this game some time ago and will now be rejoining i was the clan leader of money/ak47 top clan oce (SEA) server and a member of panda's unfortunately due to my stupidity of pre-mading having a 90%+ win rate destroyed oce (SEA) server to the fact of not letting people win games or have a chance of learning i was also a fowl mouth rager so sorry to all i have mouthed off to.

after destroying oce (SEA) i rerolled n/a i was also a member or AOS but unfortunately had to quit this game due to the delay i have on n/a server was unpleasant doing IH and sucking due to latency issues but hopefully its changed in the years i have been off and computer upgrades.

i will be making a return with more of a positive attitude

i was a gara , shadow , zera , maar , bio ,jakk , vorpal , drake main as my strongest picks

there was videos of our Ih via overrated but cannot find the vids to post sorry.

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