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Help me understand how to play warfield...


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I can't for the life of me figure out how to play this hero well.


He has no life, his kite (e) doesn't really do anything at all unless you are fighting a melee. The range on his W and R are pretty small. His AA range is pretty low as well... Yes he does do damage if you get a chance to just duke it out without being stunned.


I've tried using him like a grunty style where i come behind and use the R to blast them back into the wall, but that only works once in a while because they need to be engaged somewhere where you want to push them out of position.


The W feels awfully uneventful, if you build him DPS, he won't have enough life to sustain a fight even in lane especially since there are so many other better ranged heros.


Not sure what to do with him...

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