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Suggestion : Weapon Standardization


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What if we make every hero's auto attack projectile with similar speed?

it would weaken the strength of heroes with instant auto attack.

Isn't it one of the reason nova is strongest late game carry? even with some useless skills?

also, there are some heroes who has so shapty auto attack(EGON). it's just so boring to play just by it's slow projectile speed.


Current states

Instant projectile ranged heros

: nova, darpa, cow(almost), summer(rifle), tosh, tychus, raynor, rancor, dustin, vorpal(almost), null(almost), etc


Slow ass projectile ranged heroes

: egon, CYPRUS, jackson, unix, rory, etc


it will balance some laning phase for melee heroes.

Just keep those heroes under the range of grunty same, and standardize others.

My suggestion includes pre-auto attack delay(e.g. egon takes so much time to shoot a missile)

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Hmm...this reminds me of Maar. Maar has a bit of a delay on his attack animation, so if you move out of attack range while in the middle of the animation, you see him swing his arm like a gangsta baseball pitcher, but the projectile does not shoot out.


Funny, but frustrating.

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That would completely ruin the game and make every hero the same. That would suck.


Out of the "Slow ass projectile ranged heroes" you list, only egon is actually a little difficult to lasthit with. Kerrigan is more difficult than the other four and Kerrigan also isn't that difficult. You will still get flobed up in lane by a good Nova/Darpa/Whatever(Pre-patch, at least) but so what?


I will make one point though: There shouldn't be so many ranged heroes with instant attack animation. I think its cheap and easy and vastly reduces skill requirement on the heroes. Give the heroes a projectile, so what if they're using a gun, we're playing a game. Realism isn't a part of the game, is it? Make them fire bullets of some kind, even if the traveltime is just 0.05 second, its still much better than it being instant and will actually engage skill in the lane from both players.

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Well in my opinion it is not only about projectile speed but about attack speed. I have a feeling that heroes with a slow attack animation even with maxed attack speed attack much slower than full speed attack nova.




about the attack animation on maar, have you ever tried to attack an enemy that is running away as brine? Goddamn impossible.

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